About TLP

Welcome to The Light Project! Servicing North Bay and surrounding area, TLP (or The Light Project) is all about lighting you up and lighting your way to your most enlightened self!

We believe that happiness and wellness are your birthrights. We want to make sure that you have access to the great information and resources that are out there! We are committed to bridging this gap through our projects. As an Educator, I want to bring health and wellness knowledge that exists in our community and its professionals into various sectors, especially the school communities.

In our projects section, you will see all the light infused projects we have in the works!

If ever your path calls you to light it up with us and you seek more information of any kind, please wonder on over to the “Contact” section of the site and shoot us a message!

Let’s light up the path together!





Hello fellow light workers! I’m Michelle and I dream in light. I teach through the light. I love by the light. And I want you to feel the warmth and beauty of that too. I want to bring to you knowledge from key health and wellness players in our community. I want to act as your guide to health, wellness and happiness so that YOU too can live out your highest life. Nothing feels better. Nor is anything else as important: you are here to bathe and bring in the light. Through my spiritual and teaching journey of ups and downs, I have come to see my true purpose. I want to guide you to the light so that you don’t feel unaware, uninspired, alone and uncertain as I once did. Step into an enlightened life and I will gently be there right beside you, helping you to carve out your perfect path. Join me in lighting. it. up. Michelle Flynn- Certified Teacher and Committed Light Worker