Mini Workshop Series One

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Krista Gear, Aromatherapist, Wellness Coach and Owner of Kustom Wellness in North Bay, delivers a talk around the importance of self-care throughout the holidays. Krista presents some powerful “Holiday Hacks” for staying on your A-game during this time that can be so busy and hectic for us all. You will leave this presentation feeling optimistic and rejuvenated with tips and tools on how to manage stress and better care for yourself, on all levels, when you need it most. Plus, Krista will be offering (as giveaways and to purchase) gift certificates as well as products relating to self-care that could be used for self or to give to a loved one for the holiday seasons! Let’s spread some real holiday cheer all over this season! For more information on Krista, visit her website at:

Dr. Kelly Wallace, Naturopathic Doctor and Owner of Wallace Integrated Health Centre in North Bay, with a satellite clinic in Sturgeon Falls at Action Potential, brings forth her extensive background in health and wellness through these two topics she is most passionate about.

The following can be facilitated separately or as a package. For more information on Kelly visit:

  • ADHD & Autism – a nutritional and biochemical approach to these
    conditions, with a focus on how to repair and nourish the brain. Also, a practical and effective look at how to assist families and young ones with these conditions will be provided.
  • Menopause and Bio-identical Hormones – this is a life cycle that effects every woman and there exists natural and safer alternatives to ease this transition so you can feel your best. Kelly will be sharing key information on natural ways to manage menopausal symptoms including nutrition, herbs and bio-identical hormones.

Erika Lougheed, Yoga Instructor and Owner of Yoga Farm in Corbeil shares a talk inspired by her work with yoga and focused breathing. Erika dives into the topic of emotional intelligence and the importance of knowing yourself inwardly in order to better succeed and communicate outwardly, thus having dramatic influence on your overall level of happiness and life course. Erika also explains the concept behind her new studio and will be giving away passes to her classes. For more information on Erika and Yoga Farm, visit her Facebook page at:

Amanda Sutton, Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Practitioner and owner of Whole Perspective Health in North Bay shares her view on self-empowerment and loving yourself well. Amanda also opens up about her personal journey that has led her to the holistic nutritionist world. She then spills on the top five things nutritionists want you to know (including the notion that you CAN heal your sensitivities and train your body to react well to different types of food). In addition, Amanda will open up the floor at the end to answer questions from the audience and she will be giving away discounts for her one on one sessions. For more information on the work that she is doing for the community, visit her website at: